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Pasadena Concrete Company has expanded in recent years, and we are proud of all of our services. For each work or project that our clients or potential clients inquire about, we supply them with a free quote. When it comes to perfecting a concrete job and providing the best customer support possible, Pasadena Concrete Company has the best concrete contractors in Houston. Our current clients have always admired our work, and they continue to appreciate their driveways, pads, patios, and decorative concrete that we have installed for them in the past. At a fair cost, we can also seal your concrete, which is needed every few years to keep your concrete in a good condition and ensuring that it lasts a lifetime.

We will arrange an appointment with you after you have contacted us and given us a brief explanation of what you want so that we can come out and give you a free quote! We'll get to work as soon as you give us your approval! We always appreciate any comments or feedback you might have about the concrete work that is being done, as it is part of our customer service, and we always want you to feel that our service to you was friendly and relaxed and that we fulfilled all of your requirements. The services provided by Pasadena Concrete Company are listed below.

  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Pad / Patio
  • Concrete Foundation / Footers
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete Repair
  • Commercial Concrete
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