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Concrete Driveway

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A driveway is one of the most visible features of your home. So, there is no time like today to invest in a driveway for your property. Pasadena Concrete Company offers any type of concrete driveway that you may want; we even do driveways to fit multiple cars on! Contact us today for a free estimate on your new concrete driveway.

Pros and cons of a concrete driveway

Concrete has become the favored material when it comes to driveways and for a very good reason. Concrete slabs are strong and durable, and longevity makes concrete good value for money. A concrete drive is more expensive than asphalt or gravel but, it is cheaper than a driveway paved with brick or cobblestone, and yet concrete will outlast both of these. Although concrete is plain and can be dull in appearance, you do have the option of coloring and stamping your concrete to create a unique and customized surface, which we can quote you on.

Cost to install

There are a few things that will determine the cost of installing a concrete driveway. First how big or small is the driveway. A bigger and longer driveway requires more concrete. How much preparation will be involved to ensure that the driveway drains properly? Costs will be more if there is more handwork involved, in places that machinery cannot reach to install the Pasadena ready mix concrete. If you have decided to add color or stamping to your concrete driveway, that will increase the costs.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance of your concrete driveway are extremely important so that your driveway always looks good and to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Pasadena Concrete Company recommends that get your driveway sealed every three to five years, but if you live in snowy areas, where the highway department uses a salt/sand mix or magnesium chloride on the roads and streets to clear away snow, we recommend that your driveway is sealed every one to two years. Sealing protects the surface of the concrete and helps ensure that it lasts longer. We offer to do the sealing for you, and our price to do that is extremely reasonable! Oil spills and leaks need to be cleaned as soon as it is seen to avoid staining of the concrete, it won't damage the concrete surface but it does not look good at all.

Is it a good investment?

A paved driveway can be a great asset as it looks great and accentuates the home even more. It adds a clean and positive look to any property, residential or commercial. It also provides a smooth durable surface for your car. A concrete paved driveway will increase your property's value, If you ever want to sell your home, a driveway that is already completed will attract potential buyers, as it is then something that they do not need to do themselves.  A quality job done by Pasadena Concrete Company will increase your property value tremendously.