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Pasadena Concrete Company is a concrete company near you that will go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied and pleased with our work after a job is done. We are proud of our organization and will continue to strive to develop and impress everyone.

About Us

We've been in the concrete business for a long time, and although we started small, we've since grown and now employ more people from the city, who have become like family to us. We are very proud of all of our employees who want to learn and improve. Each one is a valuable asset to the business, and we appreciate all of the efforts that go into making us who we are today!

Our Services

If you need residential or commercial concrete, we can help! Concrete driveways, patios, concrete repairs, base or footers, decorative concrete, and commercial concrete are among the services we provide. All of our services are affordable, and we always promise that a job will be done to impress you and everyone around you!

"I recently bought a new house and the only thing that I was disappointed in was that the driveway was just a muddy mess. I did leave it for a while, and we got used to it. But when we had guests over, it was embarrassing because, when they walked into the house there was always mud and debris that would come in with them from their footwear. After such an incident, I immediately decided to do something about the driveway. My next-door neighbor recommended Pasadena Concrete Company to me and told me that his driveway was done by them. There was no need to look any further, and I gave them a call! Let's just say now I also have a concrete driveway that I can also be proud of! Thank you, Pasadena Concrete Company! You are the best!"- Mike J

"My family and I have lived in our home for a very long time and we have always enjoyed spending time outdoors, watching the children swim, or hosting some family gatherings. We decided to upgrade our patio and started looking around for a concrete company near us that offered this service. We came across Pasadena Concrete Company and on their website we found a gallery of beautiful photos of all their patios. I immediately called them and they came out and supplied me with a free quote which I approved. We wanted an elegant yet comfortable patio and that is exactly what we received, and all of our guests are always jealous of the stamped concrete that was created for us. Thank you so much." Jenny W

“I am a restaurant owner, and my ever-expanding business necessitates the construction of new restaurants. When I stated that I would like to have the floor of my new restaurant made from concrete, a customer suggested Pasadena Concrete Company. I contacted them and set up an appointment. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and experience. We went ahead and finished a fantastic concrete floor for my new building, as well as a concrete parking lot for my customers. This concrete business, which serves both residential and commercial clients, has inspired me. Thank you!” – Leah H

a house with concrete driveway

Concrete Driveway

Are you fed up with your old or damaged driveway? Are you sick of admiring other people's driveways? Call Pasadena Concrete Company today to get your new concrete driveway, shaped and decorated just how you want it! We have multiple colors and patterns available for you to choose from.  You will love the look of your new driveway and at the same time it will increase the curb appeal of your home or property.

Concrete Pad / Concrete Patio

Owning a house means you'll want to entertain at home from time to time, and a patio is an ideal spot for a family lunch or dinner or to celebreater the kids' birthday parties! We can help you renovate your old, drab patio or even create entirely new pads and patios. We'll sit down with you and your family to create the ideal layout and design for you and your house.

under construction concrete slabs
someone flattening the cement sand

Concrete Foundation / Footers

A solid foundation is critical when constructing a home or large structure.  We can build whatever size foundation you need.  If you don't need a true foundation, we can always install concrete footers instead. Whether you need footers or foundations, Pasadena Concrete Company has experts who can help.

Decorative Concrete

Many people are unaware that concrete can be more than just grey and dull. At Pasadena Concrete Company, we'll show you all of the incredible things that can be done with concrete to produce truly stunning decorative concrete. Modern concrete techniques allow for a wide variety of colors, styles or patterns.  You can achieve any look you like for your home or property by hiring a company that has experience with concrete staining, concrete stamping, and polishing concrete.  Either tell us what you want or let our experts show you your options and help you figure out what works best for you.

a concrete veranda with plant vases
concrete mason contractor using finishing broom to texture a new sidewalk at a new commercial residential development project

Concrete Repair

You may find yourself needing repairs with concrete that is cracked, lifting or sinking, or surfaces that need to be resurfaced or polished. Our concrete contractors have the skills to repair concrete floors, foundations, sidewalks, patios, and even commercial parking garages. We first send out an inspector to assess the situation and the type of repairs that will be needed and will walk you through all available options so you can make an informed decision. Don't let your damaged concrete continue to get worse; call us today!

Commercial Concrete

We don't always realize that commercial concrete is all around us and that the majority, if not all, of us, use it regularly. Restaurants, department stores, and factories are only a few examples of where commercial concrete is used. Concrete can also be used to build sidewalks, roads, and even curbs and gutters. All commercial clients will benefit from Pasadena Concrete Company's extensive experience in commercial concrete services.

worker working for concrete pavement for ground at construction

Contact Us Today

We are the top concrete contractor in Pasadena, and one of the best concrete companies in the Houston area.  We've got expert concrete masons with years of experience just a phone call away! We can't wait to provide you with all of our services and begin working with you on a new concrete project or task. Our quality concrete work and excellent customer service are two big reasons we're the best concrete contractor in Pasadena.  We consider ourselves outgoing, and it's always a pleasure to meet new people and we cannot wait to meet you!