a concrete laborer trowels wet "mud" concrete on a sidewalk repair project.

Commercial Concrete

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Even though we may notice it or take it for granted, commercial concrete is all around us and we all make use of it every day, from some of the roads we drive on, to the restaurants that we eat in and even the retail shops were we go to make our purchases! Commercial concrete can be described as concrete that is used to build all business facilities, commercial buildings, warehouses, roads, commercial driveways, ramps, and even parking lots. Pasadena Concrete Company offers these types of services to meet all the needs of commercial clients.

How is commercial concrete made?

Here's a quick rundown of how commercial concrete is made. Commercial concrete is manufactured by combining aggregates, cement, and water to create a paste, with the ratios of these materials being predetermined; as a result, it is very adaptable because the ratios can be changed. These changes would result in a variety of commercial concrete mixes, including regular concrete, high-strength concrete, high-performance concrete, and air-entrained concrete. Our concrete contractors know exactly which type of concrete is needed when they are working on a commercial project.


Concrete is commonly used in commercial structures; it is one of the most widely used materials in the world and can be found everywhere, basically, everywhere we look! In reality, most of us have become so used to it that we don't even recognize it anymore. When it comes to commercial architecture, concrete has several advantages. Concrete is more cost-effective and less expensive than any other material, particularly when steel is used in construction. A concrete structure can greatly reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. Concrete is readily available in Pasadena, which makes it much more cost-effective because you won't have to pay for delivery or transportation from afar. Concrete can be shaped and molded to create a variety of architectural effects and designs. Concrete is a tough, long-lasting material that can be reinforced for added strength. It's also fire-resistant, which means it can contain and prevent fires from spreading, making it useful for damage and loss prevention.

Need for commercial structures

Commercial structures are needed for a country's growth all over the world. Many citizens, many of us in fact would be unemployed if business buildings, restaurants, stores, and commercial factories did not exist. It would take us longer to drive from one location to another if we didn't have good highways. Parking lots are needed so that people can park their cars while shopping or at work. Commercial concrete is used to build schools and even hospitals, and that is a necessity. These structures must be built to withstand the high volume of use for which they were designed, as well as to ensure that they last for a long time and that they are safe for everyday use.


Commercial structures are always going to cost more than just a normal driveway or a residential house because of the amount of concrete and the amount of labor that is going to be required. Also in most commercial buildings, the concrete is reinforced with steel to improve the strength and to ensure extended safety, which of course would drive up the cost.