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Concrete Pad / Patio

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When a person thinks of a patio or pad, the first thing that comes to mind is an open space where you can spend some relaxing time out in the sun. On hot sunny days, you will be able to host family and friend gatherings if you have a comfortable well-designed patio or pad. A patio or pad can be installed near the house or even farther out in the backyard, depending on your preferences and the current landscape. Pasadena will design and build the most beautiful patios for you at a reasonable cost and with great customer service. You can depend on us if you need a small pad or a big patio, we do them all!

Why you should consider a patio or pad

A patio not only enhances the charm of a home but also serves a practical function. It will never go unused, and it will always be the perfect outdoor living room for entertaining or relaxing. In a welcoming and fun atmosphere, family and friends will enjoy bonding. A patio is always a good investment for your house and quality time with family and friends. A patio or pad may also be used to create an outdoor space that blends in with your landscaping and makes use of space that would otherwise be wasted. A patio also helps you to spend time outside of your home, away from all of the domestic work and day-to-day chores; everyone wants a spot where they can go to get some fresh air and unwind after a long day.

Concrete versus other materials

Out of all the material that is available to build pads or patios, concrete is the most versatile and popular choice. It is clean and smooth and can be formed into any shape that you desire. Concrete can be stained, colored, stamped, and even polished to create the effect and design that you require. It is durable and fairly inexpensive compared to wood decks, pavers, and stone patios and concrete will certainly last longer.


When it comes to patios or pads, there are several designs to choose from, and the choice is entirely yours! We can even create a custom texture or paint for the concrete on your patio. You may also have a braai area or an outdoor kitchen when building a patio. Pathways to the house and the pool may also be added to connect the patio or pad to the house. Pasadena Concrete Company also recommends adding a fireplace to your patio so you can enjoy your patio at night while sitting around a grill.


Cleaning your patio, like any other aspect of your house, should be done regularly. When cleaning your patio or pad, start by rinsing off any dirt or debris with a garden hose, then sweeping or scrubbing it with a broom and some liquid dish soap, then rinsing it again. To keep a patio or pad looking new and lasting longer, it should be sealed every two or three years.