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Concrete Repair

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Pasadena Concrete Company is ready to help you with your concrete repair needs. Our concrete contractors are specialists in all things concrete, and they perform concrete repairs such as resurfacing, lifting and raising, polishing, and foundation repairs. Slabs for sidewalks, pathways, driveways, parking garages and slabs around swimming pools are also repaired by us. Our services are excellent and our prices are also reasonable. We also offer a free inspection on all repair work that needs to be carried out before and advise you on the next step.

Why repair concrete?

Concrete reconstruction is a method for repairing old and damaged concrete to preserve the structure's strength and integrity. Concrete may be repaired to restore its original look. Repairs can be costly, but they are less costly than knocking down a whole building. When concrete repairs are performed by professionals like those at Pasadena Concrete Company, they will last a long time and you can be guaranteed quality workmanship with each repair that was carried out.

Where damage is usually found?

Damage can be seen on elevated or sunken slabs, balconies, walkways, and foundations where the soil has deteriorated or moved, as well as parking garages. When the foundations are compromised, the entire building will begin to display signs of distress, which normally manifests as cracks in the floors and walls. The floors can also be slanted, and you'll notice the doors aren't closing or opening properly. Chloride and moisture intrusion also harm structural concrete, causing rebar to rust and cracks or crumbling concrete.

Signs that your foundation requires repairs

At Pasadena Concrete Company, we have a range of cost-effective, high-quality foundation repair options. Before we give you a quote for repairs, we provide a free inspection to determine the issues. Some factors, such as erosion, cracks, damage, or settling, may cause foundation integrity to deteriorating over time. Settling occurs when the soil underneath the base changes or erodes, putting the foundation at risk. Cracks in the walls, cracks above doors and window frames, sloping or cracked floors, and stuck doors are all signs that the foundation has been damaged and requires repairs as quickly as possible.

Is concrete important to repair?

Yes, concrete is extremely necessary to fix, and it is not something that can be overlooked at all!The building or structure is at risk if there is significant concrete damage. Rooms or whole buildings could be destroyed as a result of cracked concrete, or even a parking garage could collapse. Since this is a life-threatening situation for those nearby, concrete repairs must be completed immediately. If left untreated, concrete issues can only get worse over time. To stop people from tripping over the rough surface and getting injured, elevated or sunken slabs must be fixed. Our specialist concrete contractors at Pasadena Concrete Company understand the importance of concrete repairs, and they have years of experience and the expertise to confidently complete any repair. Keep in mind that we will evaluate the issue first and then include recommendations on how to proceed with the concrete repairs.